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Corner Hotel

57 Swan St
Richmond, VIC 3121
37° 49' 28.5528" S, 144° 59' 33.1368" E
Upcoming gigs Start and Finish Date/Time
Ball Park Music: Album Launch 3rd of May, 8:30pm
Ball Park Music: Album Launch (U18s) 3rd of May, 12:30pm
Booker T Jones 25th of April, 8:30pm
British India 19th of April, 8:30pm
Calling All Cars: Album Launch 24th of April, 8:30pm
Cults 30th of April, 7:30pm
Larry Graham & Graham Central Station 23rd of April, 7:30pm
North Mississippi Allstars 20th of April, 8:30pm
Ozomatli 26th of April, 8:30pm
Robben Ford 18th of April, 8:00pm
Thundamentals 2nd of May, 8:30pm
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Opening Hours: 
Tue-Thu 4pm-late, Fri-Sat 2pm-3am, Sun 3pm-1am

The Corner Hotel is certainly full of contrasts. Incorporating a live music room, public (dive) bar, beer garden and restaurant, it has something for everyone - provided you feel like a drink. The public bar is fairly typical of Melbourne in that it looks like it hasn't been renovated in decades, plays cool rockabilly music and is frequented by a selection of students, musicians and people who look like they may have once been in a band. The beer and spirit selection is limited but the clientele are friendly. The upstairs beer garden faces out onto the Richmond train overpass, which gives things a nice industrial feel - like something out of an Edwardian novel set in East London. Sadly, the actual decor in the beer garden is a bit bland. Wooden benches and plastic orange chairs aren't going to win any design awards. You could describe the look as modern, minimalism. Although it's entirely functional, it lacks the character of the downstairs bar. You could say the same about the beer garden clientele if you weren't in a particularly good frame of mind. While the musicians lurk downstairs among the dank, upstairs is a haven for 'young professionals'. It's a vibe carried across to the restaurant. A wall covered in gig posters doesn't disguise the generic furniture and decor. Of course most people aren't particularly bothered by the kind of chair they sit on in a beer garden and if you fall into that category you can disregard the above criticisms. At the end of the day the Corner Hotel offers a beer garden with great view and a suitably rundown public bar. There's also the band room which plays host to a selection of Indie, rock, metal and just about any 'alt' band from across Australia and the world. Frankly, it's as good a venue as any to meet friends or go for after-work drinks, but you're more likely to come here to catch a live gig.