Lvl 3 / 8 Whiteman St, Southbank 3006
Opening hours:
Wed-Sun 9.30pm-late

One of the newer additions to Crown Casino's nightclub options, the revamped Co. offers commercial club tunes spread over three bars, a dancefloor, main stage and an enticing VIP room. The decor is as sleek as you would expect from a casino venue, with a futuristic mix of lounges and long benches surrounding a central dancefloor space. The colour scheme incorporates rich chocolate browns and creams, adding warmth to an otherwise sterile space, and promises not to upstage that clothing ensemble you've been working on all week. Drinks at Co. are what you'd expect to find in a nightclub with a focus on beers and premixed spirits. While a basic selection of cocktails is available, the staff aren't as emotionally invested in your drink as they might be at a dedicated cocktail bar. That said, you can always go the 'bottle of champagne and a private booth' route. Co. is pretty much purpose-built for that sort of action. The music, meanwhile, is a commercial mix of club tines and Top 40 hits - the crowd glammed up in shimmery dresses and button-down shirts. If you're looking for familiar club tunes and a chance to re-enact scenes from jiggy film clips, then Co. is highly recommended. So pull the stretched Hummer up outside and let's keep that champagne flowing.