City Wine Shop

159 Spring St, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7am-late, Sat-Sun 9am-late

Although it doubles as a wine shop and stocks a wide selection of imported varietals, you'd never mistake the City Wine Shop for your local bottle shop. With its European bistro charm and contemporary good looks, it's a stylish venue for either a casual drink or some serious wine collecting. The baroque tables and chairs on the front porch (against a traditional wood panel backdrop) look like they belong outside a little Italian villa - there's always a clamour for these highly coveted seats. Step inside and you'll find a long bar on one side and rows of wine on the other. With a polished wood finish, floral arrangements and green mosaic tiles as a backdrop, the bar is inviting and relaxed. While wine is naturally the focus, there's also a quality range of cocktails, spirits and beers available. Still, there's no escaping the fact this is a wine bar. While you're welcome to drink a frosty cold one or down a single malt, it sort of defeats the purpose, especially when you have so many exotic wines to choose from. You can sample from a wide range of these imported options and if you find something you like just reach into the display racks right behind you.