Cherry Bar

AC/DC Ln Melbourne, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Tues 7pm-3am, Wed 6pm-3am, Thu-Sat 5pm-5am, Sun 2pm-3am


Still writing it.


How long have you been operating as Cherry Bar?

Cherry is in its 14th year. It's a teenage riot.


What do you feel is your major attraction?

Every city in the world needs a late night rock’n’roll bar in a basement.


What was your favourite show in the last six months and why?

Cherryfest, Kadavar. AC/DC Lane grew a beard.


Could you nominate a bartender of the month?

Jewell ‘cos she looks like the feral kid from Mad Max 2.


How many nights of live music and entertainment are running at your venue?

365 per year, baby.


Ways to get there?

Don't worry about getting there, it's getting home that's the struggle.


Available for functions?




Well behaved heavy drinking music lovers of all ages.


Opening hours?

6pm to 3am Monday to Wednesday, 6pm to 5am Thursday to Saturday and 2pm to 3am Sundays bitches.


Cover Charge?

$5 Sunday arvo blues, then free Sunday nights to Wednesdays, $10 Thursday soul nights and $13 Fridays and Saturdays for bands till 11pm then $10.


Food specials?

Eating's cheating


Known for?

Parties you'll never remember.


Address: AC/DC Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Website: cherrybar.com.au

Facebook: facebook.com/cherryacdclane

Contact: red@cherrybar.com.au