Campari House

23 Hardware Lane, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Daily 4pm-3am

Spread over four levels, Campari House is a multi-faceted venue with an air of casual elegance. While the ground floor is home to a cosy Italian restaurant, the real drinking takes place above. Make your way up the stairs and you'll find a private function room, cocktail lounge and finally, a rooftop bar. The lounge features both private booths (complete with service buttons) and a selection of scattered chesterfields. Rather than going with the traditional smoking den aesthetic this type of venue usually opts for, the design team have partnered the polished wooden floor and traditional couches with an exposed, industrial ceiling and contemporary lighting. This mix of retro and modern charm is an ongoing theme at Campari House - while the owners have retained much of the building's original fittings and character, they've infused it with contemporary influences. If you head upstairs to the rooftop bar that means AstroTurf and neat little wooden tables. The drink selection at Campari House is extensive and takes in everything from cocktails and wines through to top-shelf spirits and imported beers. The cocktails aren't cheap at $18-$20, but they look fantastic. The wine selection, meanwhile, is well balanced and they have six beers available on tap alongside the bottled selection. With four floors worth of drinks and dining and a casual, refined atmosphere, Campari House is well worth a visit.