Bull & Bear Tavern

347 Flinders Ln, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 12pm-midnight

As the name suggests, the Bull and Bear tends to attract a lot of stockbrokers and white-collar professionals. The lunchtime crowd is thick with stock options and gossip about Tom Piotrowski. Come back after hours and there are definitely a few Gordon Gecko fans lurking around. With a low-key, old-boys feel to the place, the Bull and Bear knowns its clientele. The decor is an upmarket (but still relaxed) mix of plush leather chairs, polished wood and retro-tinged carpeting. The bar staff are friendly and liken the place to Cheers, taking the time to learn patrons names and giving things a familiar, welcoming ambience. Downstairs is decidedly more casual. Pool tables and plasma TVs give the place a sports bar feel - albeit, one filled with business guys in shirt sleeves. Things tend to be little more 'fast and lose' after hours and the crowd gets more diverse as the night progresses. Whether you head downstairs or opt for the main bar, beers seem to be the preferred beverage. There's an extensive selection of imported brews available both on tap and bottled. Meanwhile, the popularity of Mad Men seems to be seeping into corporate circles, with cocktails and scotch increasingly popular at the Bull and Bear. Question is, which one of your group is Don Draper?