Brunswick Hotel

140 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 3056
Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs 4pm-3am, Fri 4pm-5am, Sat 12pm-5am, Sun 12pm-1am

The Brunswick Hotel was the first pub on the street to get a liquor license back in the 1850s when Sydney Rd was the main thoroughfare for gold diggers going up the Hume Highway. There is also a mention that it used to be a brothel for those lonely travellers as well.


How long have you been operating as The Brunswick Hotel?
Almost five years.


What do you feel is your major attraction?
Live music, giant beer garden, friendly staff.


What was your favorite show in the last six months and why?
3/4 Beast last November. It was the lead singer’s birthday and they always put on a great live show with giant mascots and wild antics! 


Could you nominate a bartender of the month?
Probably not – they are all loved equally.


How many nights of live music and entertainment are running at your venue?

Something on every night we are open.


Ways to get there? 

There is a tram stop right out the front. Cabs work too. Don't drive just drink.


Available for functions? 


Young, old, hipsters, bogans. It really depends on the night or band who is playing.


Opening hours?

Monday - Thursday: 4pm-3am

Friday: 4pm-5am

Satday: 12pm-5am

Sunday: 12pm-1am


Cover charge?

Only for fundraisers.


Food specials?

$9 pizza and a pot every day between 4-8pm.

$3 schooners and $5 basics every Thursday from 8pm-1am.

$10 jugs of Boags Mondays and Wednesdays.


Known for? 
Being the last place open on Sydney Rd.