134 Greville St, Prahran 3181
Opening hours:
Fri-Sat 9pm-4am

Boutique is a favourite with football players, cashed-up patrons and platinum blondes. That's the basic cross-section of people you'll find there on any given Saturday night. Committed to plush decor and an upmarket ambience, the venue attracts a suitably glammed-up crowd - one that's not shy about parking their Porsche Cayenne outside. That said, things are considerably more low-key on Fridays, and Thursdays are student nights. Whatever night you go with, Boutique is a lovely looking venue. There are two bars, opulent chandeliers, velvet curtains, flower arrangements and polished floorboards in the main room. The side rooms are suitable discrete and offer some of the more familiar faces a place to drink their champagne in privacy. You definitely won't find any Hen's nights or birthday parties taking up sections of the bar, but you may find the occasional stag. Speaking of drinks, Boutique isn't cheap, but the quality matches the interior design. Beers are pretty much all imported and the wine/champagne list is geared towards those with cash to burn. Cocktails, meanwhile, are elaborate, expensive and wonderfully presented. Sure, you're paying above the odds, but that's the case throughout the venue. Besides, the crowd are happy to pay a little more for the service.