Blue Train Cafe

Southgate Plz, Southbank 3006
Opening hours:
Daily 7am-1am

The Blue Train Cafe is reminiscent of an old-school US dinner - one that's been dragged about 50 years into the future and positioned on the banks of the Yarra. High-back chairs surround the main bar, neat rows of cafeteria-style tables are ushered off to one side and there's a feature wall (consisting of faux stonework) that wouldn't look out of place on The Flintstones. You half expect The Fonz to come strolling through the doors at any moment, clicking his fingers and making it with the ladies. Or just launching his motorbike through the window. If you can resist the ridiculously good looking cake selection - presented in authentic Happy Days style - there's an extensive list of booze to work your way through. The wine list is genuinely impressive and features over 20 different options by the glass. The beer selection might be relatively modest, but the cocktails make up for it. Martini's are all $14.50 and long cocktails are a flat $15.50. Fizzy Cocktails (i.e. 'I can't believe it's not champagne'), are a dangerous $10.50 a glass. While the thought of drinking cocktails in a diner/restaurant might seem a little sideways, Blue Train somehow manages to blend its contemporary and retro influences well. Sure, it's not the most highbrow place to go for a drink, but if you're looking for a casual dinner with river views, or a relaxed work function, then the place certainly has its charms.