Blue Diamond

Lvl 15, 123 Queen St, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Thu-Fri 4pm-late, Sat 7pm-late, Sun 5pm-late

The Blue Diamond is a throwback to the days when men and jazz were smooth. When you could call a woman "Dollface" and not be slapped with a backhand or a lawsuit. You'll find the Blue Diamond is a nice slice of nostalgia, and, at the most, it transforms Melbourne's inner city into a bouncing club. While the plush decor may be one of the venue's more noticeable features, behind the bar you'll find its most triumphant claim to fame; a massive drink list. Wines, spirits, cocktails, single-malt whiskeys, cognacs, brandies, rums, gins and fine liqueurs are all given equal attention. Naturally, with all those cocktails to choose from, you're going to need a soothing cigar on the balcony. Choose for a range of Cuban, Dominican Republic and local brands, like a Partagas or Hoyo de Monterrey. And while you smoke your fine stoogie as you look over the city's lights, with the sounds of the band filtering outside, you'll agree that life surely is grand at the Blue Diamond.