Basque Tapas & Wine

159 Chapel St, Windsor 3181
Opening hours:
Daily 8am-late

Seems you can't walk down the street these days without falling into a tapas bar. Tapas here, tapas there, tapas everywhere. What was once a Spanish speciality has taken over the world. While there's nothing wrong with taking a successful concept to a wider audience, it does mean authentic Spanish bars have lost their unique selling point. Well aware of this, Basque have stepped up, offering a broader mix of alcohol, tapas and atmosphere than any of the competition. Decor wise, the place certainly captures the spirit of southern Europe, a mix of lanterns, red clay walls, wrought iron fixtures and kitsch religious iconography give the venue a charming atmosphere. The wine list is equally impressive - Basque boasts over 20 bottles and focuses on Spanish varieties you won't find elsewhere, including Spanish sherry to enjoy with your churros. At least half of these are available by the glass. A small selection of cocktails is also available or, if you prefer, jugs of sangria. There's also a mix of local and imported beers are on hand. With friendly staff, an authentic tapas menu and plenty of charm to go around, Basque is ideal for getting friends together to discuss the important issues (or just gossip) over some drinks.