Baroq House

9 Drewery Lane, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Wed-Sat 5pm-late

There's a new home for the fashion elite in Melbourne - a place where world-class DJs rub shoulders with footballers and platinum blondes. Yes, it's just like those parties you see in the movies, compete with plastic flowers and extras (known in the industry as 'warm props'). While some may find the quality of Baroq's patrons a little on the questionable side, one thing you won't question is the dedication to luxury. Decked in a rainforest worth of wood, faux pillars reach for the ceiling hung with chandeliers and billowing curtains, all wrapped up in a healthy swathe of flocked wallpaper. It's truly a palace of opulence and beauty. Popular with the after-work crowd, most nights at Baroq you can find our city's hot tamales getting socially lubricated and hitting the dancefloor to the latest house and electro hits. Things really heat up on weekends when top-name acts hit the decks for hours of vinyl-fueled fun. Surely, no truer alter to scorching beats and luxury can be found. The deluxe cocktail list starts at a rather approachable $40 for the Patron Margarita - Patron Anejo tequila and Citronge liqueur shaken with lime juice and gomme - and moves right up to the 'only if you're trust-funded' end of the scale, with the $150 Dom Perignon Champagne Cocktail - a bitters-soaked sugar cube and Hennessy Paradis Extra Cognac topped with Dom Perignon (although, why you'd want to taint either of these superb liquors is unfathomable). But if you'd prefer to spend more money on your new implants than your booze, there's a large list of reasonably priced martinis, classic champagne cocktails and standard issues, all with their very own twist (like the Rose Mojito, the Baroq Mary or the Pink Negroni).