271 Victoria St, Abbotsford 3067
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun midday-1am

Little Saigon in Abbotsford is about two kilometres of Vietnamese restaurants, karaoke bars and bootleg DVD shops. It's also home to the very swish, very aptly named The Aviary. Step inside, past the chesterfields and palms, and you'll be greeted with all the bird-related paraphernalia one could hope for. Bird cages, framed portraits of birds and porcelain birds hanging from the walls to be specific. If, for some reason, you have a morbid fear of things that fly and build nests in trees, you may want to give it a miss, or take a Valium. Cashed-up locals have certainly welcomed the Aviary to the neighbourhood. Aimed at an older, fashionable crowd with money to burn, the drinks menu at The Aviary is inspired. While all the usual cocktails are present and accounted for, the bar also has a full list of original concoctions. If you're feeling adventurous, then the Cracked Magpie will probably give you something to think about; it combines dark rum with Licor 43, lime juice, caramel, pineapple juice and cracked pepper. The wine list is also impressive and the imported beers go beyond the usual selection with ales from Italy, Spain and Costa Rico on hand. Mind you, $15 for China's TsingTao beer is a bit ambitious. Even if it is a longneck. Overpriced beer aside, The Aviary is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Housed in an old bluestone building and complimented with arched ceilings, a glistening bar and open booths, it's the kind of local every upwardly mobile professional wishes they had around the corner - a classy bar with its own distinct look. And let's not forget about all the culinary options outside: just the thing to soak up any excess alcohol.