197 Gertrude St, Fitzroy 3056
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 5pm-late, Sat-Sun 12pm-late

The Spaniards are making their move. Now that you can get tapas in virtually every restaurant/bar/pub on the planet, a small but dedicated crop of Spanish venues have opened shop, determined to do it right. Anada, one of the latest additions, is also one of the most celebrated. A long and narrow venue, Anada offers a range of seating options. While there are private tables available, there's also plenty of seating around the bar and a communal table. This ad-hoc approach to seating suits the tapas menus and the informal vibe of the place. The decor itself is a straightforward mix of exposed brick, classic bistro seating and a blackboard displaying the daily specials. Nothing fancy, but it has its charm. The actual food focuses on southern Spain and the name Anada means 'year's harvest'. The concept came about after husband and wife team, Jesse and Vanessa, travelled through southern Europe a few years ago. They loved the culture and food so much they ended up returning to Australia to open their own place. Oh, and they brought a cellar worth of wine with them. In keeping with the southern European theme, Anada offers a unique selection of Spanish and Portuguese wines, varieties you simply won't find elsewhere. Naturally, you can opt for a more traditional mix of beers or spirits if you have an irrational hatred of exotic wines. The point is, Melbourne's Spanish restaurant and bar scene is starting to make its presence felt, and Anada is one of the leading lights.