1000 Pound Bend

361 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD 3000
Opening hours:
Mon-Wed 8am-11pm, Thu-Fri 8am-1am, Sat 10am-1am, Sun 11am-11pm

There's a certain elegantly slumming aesthetic that Melbourne excels at. While other cities insist on drowning their bars in pink neon lights, generic Ikea furniture and funky house, Melbourne has always gone with a grungier, down-market look. The latest bar endeavour from the legendary Saint Jerome, 1000 Pound Bend encapsulates all that to a tee. Housed in an old warehouse, 1000 Pound Bend features an antique shop's worth of retro couches, coffee tables, kitsch artwork and rugs. A giant student sharehouse (minus the students) might be one way to look at it. Either way, there's a relaxed feel to the place. There's also a distinct lack of pretension; the current crowd is cross section of suits and people who look like they should be in band. Meanwhile, the selection follows the St Jerome's convention; cheap beverages and food. With the back half of the venue to act as an art/exhibition space. The place has got the decor, the crowd and the credentials to make it a local favourite.