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Posted 24 Feb 2014 @ 9:05am

The Australian Chamber Choir has announced their 2014 concert series dates, featuring the performance of their Western Wynde program.


Showcasing works from the Renassaince era and the 20th century, the choir will perform pieces from John Taverner to Australian composer Brett Dean over the course of their 70-minute program.

Posted 8 Dec 2011 @ 9:14am

Pat Rossi is a well-traveled man, and plans on continuing to be so in the near future. From his time singing in a youth choir in Philadelphia to making well-orchestrated dream pop in Los Angeles under the Active Child moniker, Rossi has had no shortage of opportunities to see the world. But at the moment, there's one aspect of Los Angeles that has Rossi stuck, unable to move an inch: the...

Posted 2 Nov 2011 @ 12:08pm

Oh, that Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – always in such high demand! Now it’s added a third show to its performance cycle of Mozart’s re-scoring of Messiah. 


A magnificent cast of soloists and the MSO Chorus will join the Orchestra for this unique musical experience: a dramatic story of faith, suffering and redemption, and a masterpiece that offers a message of belief that...

Posted 12 Oct 2011 @ 10:26am

It's a seldom occurrence to hear a debut record as accomplished and beautifully articulated as Brous' self-titled debut EP. But, then, this is Sophia Brous - an incredible vocalist who has weaved her eclectic artistic gifts through various sectors of our local music scene. Having studied jazz at VCA, Boston's New England Conservatory and the Berklee College of Music, Brous brought a wealth of...

Posted 27 Jan 2011 @ 1:15pm
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