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Isabella Rossellini

Posted 10 Dec 2013 @ 9:21am

Green Porno is arriving at The Arts Centre this March.


Described as “delightfully unexpected” by The Guardian, Green Porno is a one-woman-show featuring Isabella Rossellini as she narrates coitus short stories in the natural world.
Green Porno is collaborative effort between Rossellini, who is currently studying animal behaviour at Hunter College in New York, and...

Posted 22 Dec 2011 @ 2:22pm

If you thought Jean Painlevé and Mark Lewis had cornered the market on oddball nature documentary-making, wait ‘til you get a load of Isabella Rossellini’s Animals Distract Me and Green Porno. The actress – long a favourite of idiosyncratic auteurs David Lynch and Guy Maddin – writes, directs and stars in these playful, eclectic investigations of zoological matters ranging from Darwinism to...

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