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Posted 13 Apr 2012 @ 10:59am


Jesse I has played a part in Melbourne’s music scene since the late ‘90s when he started Chant Down Babylon for student radio station SRA. In 1999 he took his bags to PBS FM where he hosted the same show, now known as Babylon Burning. He has also played guest spots on various radio shows nationwide as well as internationally, as far and wide as Kiss in the UK and...

Posted 21 Feb 2012 @ 11:18am


It’s a long journey from England to Australia, but according to Gappy Ranks (aka Jacob Williams), every mile of it is worth it if it means spreading the message of reggae across the world. As the reggae star points out – if they’re calling you back to do another show, that means you got something right the last time around.


“It’s a pleasure to be back in Australia,”...

Posted 27 Jan 2012 @ 7:18am

The musical and cultural lines between reggae and hip hop are not that far separated. For Kenshin Iryo (aka Million Stylez), it sews the fabric of his career. Born and raised in Stockholm, he is son to Japanese and French immigrants. He has gone on to make a big splash not only in his homeland but also in the birthplace of reggae, Jamaica. From Europe to the Caribbean and now heading to Oz for...

Posted 1 Sep 2011 @ 1:14pm

Beat is stoked to announce the arrival of rising UK reggae and ska star Gappy Ranks to our shores for the first time ever.


Ranks was an over-achiever at a young age, making his studio debut with the Ruff Cut band at the young age of 11. Following on from this, he landed a series of killer connections with the likes of Kray Twinz, Twista and MC Lethal B. It was his intial hit...

Posted 20 Jan 2011 @ 12:22pm
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