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Posted 1 May 2012 @ 12:37pm


For those unaware, One Direction are a teenage British boy band who are just the right combination of good looks and shitty pop music to seduce the hearts of young girls worldwide, and just young enough for Kony to kidnap. They released an album called Up All Night (which has dominated charts worldwide) and got away with it because of their young, clean...

Posted 27 Oct 2011 @ 2:06pm

A session in this year’s Face the Music program encourages musicians to consider the ‘angle’ to promote in any interview.  In these days of orchestrated media image, having a clear message is, apparently, very important.  Towards the end of my interview with local musician and songwriter Tom Milek, I put the offer to him: is there a cheap and memorable phrase that succinctly captures his music...

Posted 4 Aug 2011 @ 9:56am

Bodies sway in time with an inaudible rhythm. Mouths move in synch with lyrics we must lip-read to decipher. Sounds normally obscured by blaring club speakers now echo across the packed room - the scuffle of feet, the dull thud of hips bumping or the occasional click of over-enthusiastic fingers. This scene is not an after-party for the Annual Mime Convention. This is a silent disco, that...

Posted 18 Mar 2011 @ 11:25am
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