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Posted 15 Jun 2012 @ 1:00pm

So far, 2012 has seen New Zealand octette perform sold-out shows and festivals around the world, release their fourth studio album and even receive a nomination for Best International Band at the British Reggae Music Awards.


However this Spring, after an appearance at the prestigious Sierra Nevada World music festival, Katchafire will be slipping Australia into their schedule...

Posted 16 Nov 2011 @ 9:14am

If you had an inkling Blue King Brown's album title Worldwize Part 1: North & South perhaps eluded to a 'part 2' - you were right, enigmatic frontwoman Natalie Pa'apa'a confirms. And although we'll have to wait until later in the new year for the follow-up to drop, the Melbourne nine-piece collective are about to give us an exclusive sneak-peak into a handful of new material at the...

Posted 9 Nov 2011 @ 8:54am

If you were to look back to a decade ago, around November - spring well underway with summer swiftly approaching - it's likely you'd see a relatively bare festival landscape looking back at you, with only two or three music festivals punctuating the upcoming summer calendar. In the time between '01 and '11, the proliferation of music festivals in Australia has grown exponentially, prompting...

Posted 21 Oct 2011 @ 10:00am

They hail from the Gold Coast, but Tijuana Cartel has built a firm reputation for beats that span the globe. Multi-layered grooves, touches of slide and flamenco guitar, trumpet, Vocals and Afro Cuban Percussion mixed with some hardened electronica - it's a combo that's intriguing, energetic and utterly delicious! Constant touring here and abroad and an enduring...

Posted 27 Sep 2011 @ 12:53pm

Opeth have always been known for their progressive death metal sound – complex riffage, growly death vocals and heavy, heavy guitars. So it comes as a huge surprise that although there are progressive riffs aplenty, both the death and the metal have been stripped from Opeth's sound on Heritage.


In their place is – get this – 1970s style jazz-fusion. Seriously. But that's not a...

Posted 11 Aug 2011 @ 3:27pm

Ever since my Greek grandfather used to wake me up by kindly bashing me across the head with his bouzouki, world music has been a part of my life. Luckily for me and thousands of others, the fourth annual Australasian World Music Expo (AWME) has been announced, ready to infuse the city with the finest roots music from around the world. The expo offers Melbourne audiences an exciting lineup of...

Posted 20 May 2011 @ 9:58am

In the lead up to Blue King Brown’s much-anticipated homecoming this month, singer Natalie Pa’apa’a reflects on the group’s recent Jamaican adventures. With a globally-focused brand new album in tow, the Melbourne-based collective are increasingly resembling an international act, thanks to their multicultural approach to music.


"My favourite part about Jamaica was working with...

Posted 21 Apr 2011 @ 10:25am


Posted 14 Apr 2011 @ 9:57am


Posted 20 Jan 2011 @ 12:23pm
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