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The Mae Collard Trio
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Aye Candy
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The Eighty 88s
Look To Me Look To You
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The Night Party
Get To You
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The D.Y.E
Spliff's Kitchen
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Lurch & Chief
Mother, Father
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Dona Li$a
Call The Police
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Orphan Tunes
Cash Dollars Dosh Doh
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Moon Dice
Cape Carnivorous
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The Twoks
First Light
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Your Intentions

Q: What is a LAMARAMA? A: a band, probably... Correct, you could say a seven-piece (14-legged) mish-mash band of the Melbourne scene with previous and current members of Wilderbeast, Relax with Max, Dizzy Grass, The Rain Party, Captain Groove, The Woohoo Revue and SS Pecker. So that’s pretty fun I guess. Q: What does a LAMARAMA sound like? A: That’s a great question; a psychedelic groove rock folktronic eargasm … with flute. Next question. Q: How many lamas would a LAMARAMA have, if a LAMARAMA could have lamas? A: Probably stacks; LAMARAMA have been in existence since the beginning of time really (2009ish). Their breeding grounds are mainly festivals and pubs around Melbourne. So far they have been known to breed with crowds at Little Buckley Fest, Brunswick Music Fest, Aireys Inlet Music Fest, Fest La Frog and are rumoured to be licking their lama lips for FRL later this year (and, perhaps, one day the mountains of Tibet). The LAMARAMA herd kicked off the start of 2012 (definitely the last year ever, so you may ask what is the point of it all?) with a brand new line-up of musicians and a banging new set infused with folk, drum ‘n' bass, hip hop, funk, and groove city… but mainly sex. Q: Does a LAMARAMA have friends? A: Yeah! Are you serious? Lamas are very popular, they’ve had play dates with tonnes of cool kids like Bonjah, Lotek, Barons of Tang, The Red Eyes, Rapskallion, Squid Squad, Rosie Burgess Trio, Matt Kelly, Ryan Meeking & The Few, The High Society, Love Lawrence Tesky, Better than the Wizards, and continue to frolic and breed with anyone they please. Q: Where would one find a LAMARAMA? A: Generally, you can catch LAMARAMA at bars dotted along Brunswick St (and often at the Kebab shop) pumping out psychedelic folk tunes and promoting R.E.D (responsible eco drinking). In the meantime you can probably just go on the internet. “…stapled as one of the most watched bands of 2011” - Grolsch Grid “…studies have shown that a daily dose of lama juice has the ability to relieve symptoms such as a heavy heart, restless legs and even gout” - Dr Doug, Psychiatrist