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The Mae Collard Trio
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Aye Candy
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The Eighty 88s
Look To Me Look To You
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The Night Party
Get To You
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The D.Y.E
Spliff's Kitchen
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Lurch & Chief
Mother, Father
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Dona Li$a
Call The Police
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Orphan Tunes
Cash Dollars Dosh Doh
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Moon Dice
Cape Carnivorous
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The Twoks
First Light
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Souls of Silence

Myridian are a melodic death/doom metal band based in Melbourne's east. Combining the epic melodies of scandinavian metal with haunting doom-inspired passages and progressive off-beats, the band released a three track demo in June 2011, and are looking to release their debut album 'Under The Fading Light' in late 2012. Produced by The Eternal's Mark Kelson, the album is the culmination of three years of perfectionist songwriting, and is set to garner the interest of anyone with an inclination for dark, powerful and melancholic death metal.