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Endless Breeze
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Thomas Touche
BodyRomp Minimix
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Hook Line and Sinker
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So True
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Bunker / Adrian Bell / Andy Muscat
Bunker mix No. 2
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The Strange
Sugar Boy
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Sons Of May
Up Before You Eyes
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Guest Of Ghosts
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Sorry I've Taken So Long

Dan and Hannah Acfield
For years, the Acfield name has been popping up over the country. Whether itbe the solo songstress Hannah captivating festival crowds in Victoria, or the enigmatic Dan charming his way along the East Coast of Australia, siblings Dan and Hannah Acfield are accomplished songwriters and performers in their own right. Now, the pair has finally decided to pool their musical talents and embarkon a journey together as ‘Dan and Hannah Acfield’. Together, the duo have created a unique collection of songs and are inviting audiences to experience their musical fusion with the release of two singles and initial tour dates in andaround their respective bases, Brisbane and Melbourne. What to expect? A colourful blend of indie folk-pop, reminiscent of artists such as Jeff Buckley and Missy Higgins, tied together by two distinct voices that have obviously spent many a car tip harmonizing with each other. Over the past ten years Dan and Hannah’s musical careers have moved uncannily parallel to one another. Both moved from their hometown of Rockhampton to Brisbane shortly after school to pursue musical educations. This was followed by the inevitable launching of separate solo music careers, and for Dan, the later formation of pop-rock trio Dear April. Side by side, Dan and Hannah achieved increasing recognition and success with both siblings gaining radio exposure and recognition from their cumulative five EPs. Hannah’s music, describedas “beautiful” by 2006 Aria award winner Clare Bowditch, has made her aconsecutive MusicOz finalist three years in a row, with Dan joining the finalist listing his inaugral entry in 2012. Dan has achieved his own acclaim, gaining ‘Indie Act of the week’ on Rage for his catchy tune ‘Red, Yellow and Blue’, described byTriple J’s Alex Dyson as ‘one excellent tune’. In the live arena, Dan and Hannah draw from their experience performing along the East Coast of Australia with acts such as Hungry Kids of Hungary, Trouble with Templeton, Diana Anaid, Jackie Marshall, Vika & Linda and Jon Stevens. International exposure has also comefrom Dan’s return from his 2011/12 UK tour and Hannah’s peformance at the Perthshire Amber festival in Pitlochry, Scotland, to the audience of Scottish folk legend Dougie Maclean. Despite all of this separate success, there is no hint of sibling rivalry in this duo. Having grown up surrounded by music and with a grandfather that played bass for artists such as Cat Stevens and Kamahl, it was not a question of whether ornot they would be able to succeed in music but rather when they would be able to do so together. Now the time has come. Dan and Hannah are looking forward to sharing the results of this project to listeners around the country, starting with their inaugural tour together in July and August. Only genetics can provide the musical synchrony of this kindred pair; there is no doubt that they are one towatch out for. “An expressive voice that engages you instantly’ Wally de Backer (Gotye) on Hannah Acfield. “Your songs sound pure, raw and honest- in the sense that it feels like you’ve reallypoured everything into them, they are in pure form and I think that’s what makes them really beautiful” Amandah Wilkinson (Operator Please) on Dan Acfield.