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Cash Dollars Dosh Doh
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Moon Dice
Cape Carnivorous
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The Twoks
First Light
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Shadows of a Maniac

Dan Webb
Melbourne singer/songwriter Dan Webb is back with twelve brand new songs, each to be released individually for free download throughout 2013. The second track 'Shadows of a Maniac' is set to be released on 1st February. Webb's catchy, keyboard-driven alternative rock sound transcends the limitations of a single genre. By ditching the electric guitars and hitting the keys, this maverick has given rock a delicious and original spin. January heralded the release of 'Departure', which immediately caught the attention of fans, peers and press alike. In a sign of the alternative rock musician's appeal, the track featured on The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 Music. Webb's unique release strategy of '12 songs, 12 months' sprang to mind in September 2012 as he prepared to record demos to pitch to potential producers of his upcoming debut album. Within two months he had assembled, rehearsed and recorded nine songs with a new band comprising some of Australia’s most in-demand session musicians. 'Shadows of a Maniac' features Peter Marin (Passenger, Bertie Blackman) on drums, Joshua Jones (Dan Sultan, Gossling) on bass, Kieran Conrau & Ari Farrar from The Cat Empire horn section as well as internationally-acclaimed soul/funk singer Kylie Auldist (The Bamboos) on backing vocals. Previously having toured Australia, the UK and New Zealand in support of his 2010 sophomore EP "Hyperspace Clearance", Webb is currently in the midst of his biggest national tour to date. Download 'Shadows of a Maniac' for free during the month of February at danwebbmusic.com "A really interesting concept series… the January release [was] an incredibly soulful and upbeat track with killer horns. Stay tuned for a new track each month from the very talented Dan Webb." – Tone Deaf "He’s set the bar very high with the first track 'Departure'" – Sounds of Oz "Webb and Auldist: a force to be reckoned with" – Luna Magazine