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The Outfit
Bury Me Alive
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Endless Breeze
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Thomas Touche
BodyRomp Minimix
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Alyson Murray
Hook Line and Sinker
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James Leroy
So True
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Bunker / Adrian Bell / Andy Muscat
Bunker mix No. 2
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The Strange
Sugar Boy
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Sons Of May
Up Before You Eyes
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The Millionaires
The Millionaires started out a few years back, and have already rocked the roof off the legendary Whisky-A-Go-Go on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. They've rubbed shoulders with glam metal band The Darkness, met porn star Ron Jeremy as well as Sophie Monk. They have a drummer who owns a big red fluffy drum kit and lots of tattoos. His name is Troy Scott and he really knows how to hit 'em. The tall guy playing the bass is MJ Millionaire. He usually wears black and white checker shoes, has his amp turned way up and a scotch in his hand. He does backup vocals and sometimes - handclaps! The guy at the front on vocals and gitfiddle is Jordan Cade. He usually wears a black 'mack' trucker hat and, like troy, has lots of tattoos. The band is currently in the studio working on their first 'proper' album. Expect big things!!