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Givin' It Up (ft. Antony & Cleopatra)
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The Dub Captains
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Low Fly Incline
Vinnie The Rune
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Zuzu Angel
Serial Killer
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Palace Of The King
Palace Of The King
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The Mid North
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Orphan Tunes
Panty Droppers
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Orphan Tunes
Rattlin n Rollin
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Orphan Tunes
Rattlin n Rollin
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The Primary
In their short time on the Melbourne scene The Primary have been making quite the impression with a dream pop sound that is challenging and lush all in the same breath. Consisting of bassist Gemma Louise Helms, keys player Matthew Connolly, singer/guitarist Jules Sheldon and drummer Will Lovett, The Primary nod to the sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Husker Du, Rowland S. Howard and The Cure while creating a sound completely their own. Although intense in their live presence, they aren't afraid to admit to a love of a pop sensibility in their music, nor are they afraid to stand apart from the crowd.