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The Outfit
Bury Me Alive
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Endless Breeze
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Thomas Touche
BodyRomp Minimix
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Alyson Murray
Hook Line and Sinker
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James Leroy
So True
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Bunker / Adrian Bell / Andy Muscat
Bunker mix No. 2
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The Strange
Sugar Boy
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Sons Of May
Up Before You Eyes
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Rebound Boy

Brooklyn's Finest
The story of Brooklyn’s Finest is a tale that’s just beginning, with the band only dating back to the early days of 2011, when the bands now lead vocalist Brooklyn and bass player Zachary J started jamming. After a few sessions and a couple of songs they hadn’t intended to write it was clear to them that they had to get a band together. First to accept his place was drummer Baby Spice, he and Zachary J had been playing in a funk and soul cover band together the year before and were desperate to continue their mission of reviving the groove. When it came to guitar Brooklyn was adamant there was only one person who could do the job and after some gentle persuasion Dr. Lovie agreed to inject his talents and creativity into the project. With all but one spot filled, Zachary J called old high school friend Miss Brown to see if she would lend her soulful voice and keyboard skills. With the line up complete, rehearsals began immediately, with the band working hard to define their sound. After a few months the band had accumulated over 40 minutes of original music. They were ready to take their unique mix of Funk, Soul and Indie out to the people. The bands first gig was played on Friday July 1st 2011 at one of Melbourne’s most famous live music venues, The Esplanade hotel in St Kilda. After their second show the band was offered the huge opportunity to support one of Australia biggest commercial acts and played their third show supporting The Potbelleez. With more big show’s locked in, Brooklyn’s Finest is gaining momentum and speed so rapidly it won’t be long before their music is spread all over the world. Watch this space.