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Paper Crown

Animal Hands
Animal hands are a three piece independent rock band that was formed by Danielle Whalebone in 2011. The band celebrated the release of their debut EP at the Cherry situated on AC/DC lane in Melbourne in April this year. Animal Hands have received a resplendent response to their EP produced by Lindsay Gravina ( The Living End, Jet, Eskimo Joe ). Animal Hands debut EP has gained airplay in Australia and has been picked up by radio stations across California, and Canada. E.M Lawer writer for The Dwarf described Animal Hands EP "Australian grunge in the ‘90s was a precious thing. But its absence has been felt by many in the Australian music scene while indie-pop becomes less catchy and more repetitive. Animal Hands is a band that has enough balls to bring back the grunge, fronted by Danielle Whalebone, a woman with all the strength and grace of Adalita Srsen of Magic Dirt. All of the songs on their self-titled EP sound like they belong on the soundtrack to Secret Life of Us, which I hope you know is a good thing. Those were the days." Allie Speers writer for Tone Deaf has described "The self-titled EP of Melbourne based Animal Hands as pleasing to the ear. The garagey, grunge sounds in juxtaposition to front woman Danielle Whalebone’s crooning vocals is a great combination. ‘Defiance’, the inaugural track has a great introduction, just a simple guitar riff that leads into a really neat track. It’s a clever start to the EP, you can really feel what the band are trying to achieve." Since the formation of the band Animal Hands have maintained the D.I.Y ethic creating their own website, trailer and film clip. The band have enjoyed performing on the prestigious Gershwin room stage at The Esplanade Hotel as well as guitar splintering gigs in seedy venues across Melbourne. Machine Steve writer for UK based online magazine The Black Flag has described Animal Hands as “pure grunge, with it’s slow cumbersome riffs and weary vocals beautifully stitched together to create an ambience that, in my humble opinion, has been missing from the music scene for well over a decade.” The band look forward to a busy schedule before returning to Birdland Studios to record a new single in November