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My Pal

Grizzly Jim Laurie
Jim Lawrie cut his teeth in the Australia’s music scene drumming for bands for about ten years, which saw him playing Melbourne’s Forum Theatre at the age of 16, touring Europe with Eagle and the Worm and sharing the stage with some of Australia’s finest. Now under the moniker of Grizzly Jim Lawrie, he has stepped out from the behind the kit to showcase a signature style of sincere songwriting. Lawrie’s solo project, featuring members of New Gods, Buckley Ward and The Toot Toot Toots, is a significant departure from his previous guises. Inspired by the sound of artists such as Bon Iver, Kurt Vile and Townes Van Zandt, he layers his songs with pianos, brass and guitars, creating a lush but subtle sound. Driven by acoustic guitar, Lawrie’s songs are sonically varied and rich; “that lovely, laconic sound which makes you melancholy in the best kind of way” - Ltd News. Lawrie released his debut LP Paying My Debts From The Grave late last year, amply showcasing his talents as an exceptional singer, songwriter and recording artist. The album encapsulates Jim’s ability to document the banality of day-to-day-existence with a touch of folklore whimsy, and supported by a loyal fan base, was widely praised - “Jim Lawrie has the ability to create some truly stunning tracks” - Mismatch TV. Lawrie’s new single, ‘Midnight Run’, builds on the sparse imagery of his 2012 debut LP to create a fuller, rockier and poppier follow–up. Produced by Mark D’Angelo at Melbourne’s Backlot Studios and mastered by Adam Dempsey(Jen Cloher, Jordie Lane, Gossling), ‘Midnight Run’ is a steer away from the acoustic realm of Lawrie’s first album and a steadfast venture into the pop-rock territory of forward-chugging electric guitars and drums. With a sophomore album in it’s planning stage, Lawrie states that this is the future musical direction the band is working towards.