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Bunker / Adrian Bell / Andy Muscat
Bunker mix No. 2
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The Strange
Sugar Boy
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Sons Of May
Up Before You Eyes
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Guest Of Ghosts
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Techno Mini-Mix
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Doc Holiday Takes Shotgun
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Dollar Bar
Blind Baby
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The Mae Collard Trio
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Aye Candy
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Hey there,
 You have in your hands a promotional copy of the debut self-titled album by Melbourne rock’n’roll combo SPACEJUNK - 13 tracks of high energy low fidelity sweaty swagger and relentless riffery – the result of four youngish men locked in a rehearsal space in North Melbourne for a weekend, distilling 50 years of garage rock into 40 minutes of filthy fury with engineer/producer/legend Matt Duffy (GRAVEYARD TRAIN, DEAF WISH, PEEP TEMPEL) behind the desk.
SPACEJUNK have been creeping up on the edges of Melbourne’s garage rock scene since mid-2013 and have since gone onto share stages and floors at pubs, house parties and festivals with their favourite local acts from PEEP TEMPEL to SUN GOD REPLICA, SHERIFF to OHMS, BATPISS to COURTNEY BARNETT and have picked up a loyal following along the way drawing sonic comparisons to MUDHONEY, THE HELLACOPTERS and THE BRONX. While the group has been flattered by such comparisons, they draw more influence from more proto punk acts such as The Sonics, MC5 and Roky Ericsson and local legends Beast Of Bourbon, Powdermonkeys and Bored.
“So what?”  You ask. “It’s been done.” You say.
Turn this disc up to 11 and feel the raw power of 13 songs in 40 minutes. From four youngish men playing with everything they’ve got to generate a classic sound from the future… and it’s happening now.
It’s happening now!
Spacejunk self-titled debut album is out now on Melbourne independent label HIGH KICK RECORDS.
Get on board.