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LEKTRK Minimix

New Melbourne Electro group LEKTRK announce their much anticipated debut EP and music video Comprising of Michael Clark, DJ Rellik (Tim Tappett) and Intalink (Kris Picolli), they arrive from the recording studio with an exciting EP, music video and some exciting new work. "Our music firmly lands in the electronic/EDM camp", explains Michael. ".. While we are heavily influenced by today's sounds, we don't like to label our sound. If it sounds good, we produce it." One look at the Melbourne DJ's bio's and you can see why they think of themselves as 'un-genre' Michael cut his 'producers teeth' as a prog minimal producer in London during the height of minimal early 2000's as one half of Liminalism. The group found unlikely success with tech house track 'Minor Embolism' and Rei Taak's remix of Steam. DJ Rellik is Melbourne royalty in the DJ and production scene with over 50 album productions under his belt. Rellik recently supporting Obi Trice, Ultra Magnetic DJ's and has worked with names such as Wu Tang and the Outlaws (2PAC's crew). Intalink is a veteran in the Melbourne DJ scene with his latest residency at the Grand Hotel in Melbourne. His origins started with combining skills developed in producing original grimey tech and hiphop. He is an accomplished producer DJ, literally pumping out hundreds of remixes which characteristically stamps his deep funky style on his live sets. The #10am track is a smooth electro tune which will be just at home in a dark, gimey club as it would be at a up-market bar thanks to the soulful vocals of local import, Monique Shelford (NZ). Expect more big things coming from this electronic supergroup in 2014.. LEKTRK's #10am EP and music video featuring Monique is released in September and previews of the EP can be found at their artist page : https://soundcloud.com/lektrk/sets/10am-remixes