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I'll Pop Your Punk

Call The Shots
Brisbane pop punk band Call The Shots have released their next single and music video for “I’ll Pop Your Punk”. Featuring guest vocals from Tony Lovato of Mest, this young band is following closely in the steps of their predecessors, paving their way independently. This track is off the popular second EP ‘When Everything Goes Wrong’ (available from JB HiFi and iTunes worldwide) which has already found its way into many homes around Australia and onto music devices worldwide! Just like “I’ll Pop Your Punk”, a fast, high-energy song from start to finish. This is exactly what audiences can expect to see as they hit the road in August for their second inter-state tour this year. There’s a lot of life to a Call The Shots set – young and energetic they ready to give audiences a well-polished, exciting performance. If you haven’t seen the band’s live set, this music video will give you a taster that will make you want to check them out for yourself! Catch them August 22 at NEXT (18+) and August 24 at Wrangler Studios (AA) ‘I’ll Pop Your Punk’ (Ft. Tony Lovato) Music Video -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He0euBA3YXk