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Givin' It Up (ft. Antony & Cleopatra)
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The Dub Captains
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Low Fly Incline
Vinnie The Rune
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Zuzu Angel
Serial Killer
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Palace Of The King
Palace Of The King
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The Mid North
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Orphan Tunes
Panty Droppers
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Orphan Tunes
Rattlin n Rollin
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Orphan Tunes
Rattlin n Rollin
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Sweet Teeth
Since they started in late 2010, Sweet Teeth have played shows and recorded music. In that time they have played mostly good shows with a few terrible ones mixed in for good measure. They got a new member, they shot a few hundred music videos, and they wrote a facebook bio for their band. Their debut EP Your [em]Treasure Is Our Tras[/em]h will be out early 2012.