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Hero In Me

Jenny Biddle
She wraps herself around a self-made guitar*, and like a marriage between body and instrument, her most honest core is released as she commands the guitar to sing with such rare musical intuition. Her audience is compelled to join her on a previously unexplored voyage of passion and song. Since the decision to forgo playing with her band (for the time being anyway), Jenny Biddle’s returned to the true essence of the superb music she creates – brilliant original acoustic folk/blues songs that rely solely on her powerfully emotive voice, an instinctual mastery of the piano and her jaw dropping skills on the guitar. Removed from the confines of structure, she finds the freedom to truly express herself, her songs given the space to travel in previously unexplored directions. Whether listening to her albums or witnessing this diminutive songstress live on stage, you are humbled by a raw honesty. The intense and somewhat complex style of Jenny’s music touches upon many issues that affect us all… love, loss, fears, hopes – all the challenges life throws at us. And she’s willing to share and let us in. In fact, she’s so damn honest she even talks about her lies! She describes herself as “Missy Higgins meets The Waifs, with some mesmerising guitar voyages and facial expressions thrown in.” In truth, her songs are just so deeply personal, inspiring an incredibly moving listening experience. Live on stage, Jenny has the ability to resonate with her audience, enticing interaction. A Jenny Biddle performance is full of energy and humour. Her guitar playing is nothing less than a marriage between body and instrument. She intertwines bass notes, percussion and melody so seamlessly that it seems there has to be more than one person on stage, despite conflicting evidence to the contrary. It’s an engaging experience and one that draws in fans who bear witness to Jenny’s musical dexterity, soaking up a musician who is at one moment humble in her abilities, before suddenly letting rip with a blistering guitar attack that’s akin to the power of Ian Moss in full flight. Quite simply, Jenny Biddle bewitches, as you watch an artist who’s developed the confidence and ability to deliver a show full of musical passion and subtle flair. She’s played over 200 gigs every year since 2006 and has supported music legends like Jeff Lang, Jen Cloher, and the sadly missed Daryl Cotton and his esteemed colleagues, Keays and Morris. Destined to walk a musical path from a young age, a brief encounter with the ukulele at just 4 years old lit the fire for Jenny’s obsession. Moving on quickly to a lifelong love of the piano at age 5, followed by a passionate and ongoing affair with the guitar from the age of 9, original compositions soon followed… accompanied by a steady stream of awards. Melbourne’s Best Busker 2010 (photo by Raditya Fadilla) Most recently Jenny won the prestigious title of Melbourne’s Best Busker, a title which she’s held since 2010, along with the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival Busking Championship. In 2011, Jen won both the Judges’ Vote and the People’s Choice Awards at the Ballina Country Music Festival… and a year earlier, she was crowned winner of the Melbourne Songwriter’s Competition. This acknowledgement added to her earlier win of the Just Guitars ‘Best Artist’ award at the 2009 Port Fairy Folk Festival. Suffice to say, recognition of Jenny’s talents by both public and industry alike is quickly growing. Her two album releases to date – ‘Chest of Drawers’ and ‘Little Treasures’ – have been met with universal high praise. Reviews described them as “… quite simply remarkable” (Trad & Now magazine) and “Beautiful, no-nonsense folk music, with one of those great emotive voices that echoes just a touch of world-worn huskiness.” (Dom Alessio – Triple J). Jenny is currently recording her third album “Hero In Me” with producer and former Thirsty Merc guitarist, Sean Carey. Like her songs and performances, Jenny Biddle is a striking, charming, animated, intense yet sweet person. She’s a master of her craft – one whose talents and tenacity will surely elevate her to the next level in a hurry. Catch her now… before another moment passes by.