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Givin' It Up (ft. Antony & Cleopatra)
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The Dub Captains
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Low Fly Incline
Vinnie The Rune
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Zuzu Angel
Serial Killer
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Palace Of The King
Palace Of The King
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The Mid North
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Orphan Tunes
Panty Droppers
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Orphan Tunes
Rattlin n Rollin
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Orphan Tunes
Rattlin n Rollin
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The Getaway

The Single Men's Drinking Club
The Single Men's Drinking Club come at you like a bad idea. Brought together by a story of lost love, violence, death and debauchery the SMDC use these themes as an excuse for their cacophony and relentless rhythms. Guitars run rabid and unfettered through the wilderness and overhead like birds of prey violins screech and bark obscenely. Organs and pianos self-combust and delight in their demise as the drums, a pugnacious fighter, pummel you mercilessly in the abdomen. Stark melodies coax you towards the ravine before the words grab you in calloused hands and toss you over whilst the bass soaks itself in whiskey before lurching after schoolgirls on the bus. The Single Men's Drinking Club are not for the faint of heart - but then again, what else can be expected from five alcoholics and far too many watts of amplification?