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Beat Radio

The Mae Collard Trio
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Aye Candy
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The Eighty 88s
Look To Me Look To You
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The Night Party
Get To You
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The D.Y.E
Spliff's Kitchen
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Lurch & Chief
Mother, Father
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Dona Li$a
Call The Police
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Orphan Tunes
Cash Dollars Dosh Doh
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Moon Dice
Cape Carnivorous
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The Twoks
First Light
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The Future

Orphan Tunes
Orphan Tunes is a self-taught and self produced musician creating an insatiable blend of electronic sounds and hip-hop beats complimented with a brilliant style of unobtrusive delivery. The melodies and riffs are catchy, the self-produced beats possess dark city grit and the lyrics are crafty, witty and intelligent. The Future is an insight into the influences and an mouth watering introduction to a new Australian Solo Artist. Enjoy the gritty raw, ol' school beat.