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Mo Sesto
Beautiful Eye
1,056 views. 1 comments.
Dark Fair
Let Yourself Be Free
1,870 views. 0 comments.
The Glorious North
Lone Star
847 views. 0 comments.
Mr Black & Blues
Killing Floor
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2,371 views. 0 comments.
J M S Harrison
Settle For This
1,830 views. 0 comments.
River Of Snakes
1,513 views. 0 comments.
Anirban Jee
Can We Do It Now?
2,702 views. 2 comments.
The Trotskies
2,330 views. 0 comments.
Artist Proof
Had It All
1,651 views. 0 comments.

Chasing Seasons

SkyLion is a step in a new direction. Spurring from nothing more than the love of writing music, the concept of SkyLion is simple; four friends from Melbourne, coming together, to create a sound that is uniquely their own. With each member achieving individual success in previous musical endeavors, SkyLion is the blend of past experiences and unfaltering ambition. The band encapsulates all that is fun and enjoyable when playing music; a breath of fresh air within the music community. SkyLion’s debut EP ‘Learning to Listen’ is a product of this mentality - catchy, honest, infectious and something to be shared with everyone and anyone willing to listen. Keep an eye on SkyLion in 2012 as it is through their innovative approaches to the distribution and creation of their music which will see them make this year theirs.