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Scott Candlish
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Slow Chase
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Jep and Dep
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Mayfair Kytes
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The Outfit
Bury Me Alive
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Endless Breeze
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Thomas Touche
BodyRomp Minimix
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Alyson Murray
Hook Line and Sinker
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James Leroy
So True
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Can We Do It Now?

Anirban Jee

Anirban Jee got his first electronic keyboard at 12 and has been making music ever since. During his teen years, he combined formal piano training with school and university musical events, to hone his musical skills to such a level that it eventually set the foundation for song writing and self composition. He has a keen musical ear and is a student of the evolution of many musical genres. His song writing inspiration came from the 80s and 90s songwriters and composers such as Elton John, Richard Marx, Maxwell, Sting and Carole King. His current series of compositions cover a wide genre of music such as POP, Urban Dance and R&B and his original soulful melodies embedded into some very expressive lyrics speak volumes for themselves. His compositions caught the attention of the Australian music industry’s heavyweight producer and ‘song doctor’ Matt O’Connor and they worked together for several months on various A&R aspects of artist development. Anirban also spent extensive studio time in Sydney with Sydney's sought after producer Tony Cvetkovski who mixed and developed many of his backup tracks. Being an active member of the Australian Songwriters Association, Anirban’s compositions and song writing skills have attracted some of the best and diverse singing talents in the Australian music industry such as rising Australian singer Matt Price, Amber Nichols, Mari Jean, MC-Fade, Danni-T and many other aspiring singers who are on the hunt for that special song which will slingshot their artistic career into the world of commercial music. Anirban’s future vision is to take his songs to the next level of commercial release through the support of top music publishers in Australia and work with the most high profile artists and producers in the industry. His ultimate achievement would be to establish himself as a renowned and respected song writer and composer with accolades both in Australia and overseas.