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Bunker / Adrian Bell / Andy Muscat
Bunker mix No. 2
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The Strange
Sugar Boy
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Sons Of May
Up Before You Eyes
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Guest Of Ghosts
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Techno Mini-Mix
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Doc Holiday Takes Shotgun
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Dollar Bar
Blind Baby
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The Mae Collard Trio
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Aye Candy
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Bury Me Alive

The Outfit

‘the Outfit’ are launching their debut 14-track album, "Everything we know we learned from TV", Friday 8 August, the Prince of Wales, St Kilda with “Strawberry Fist Cake, K-Mart Warriors and Joe Guiton”. Free entry!
The album is a diverse fun-loving punk rock ‘n roll journey inspired by many punk and rock genres. It’s crisp and crunchy and kicks from start to finish, sort of like the Stooges meets Sex Pistols meets Husker Du meets Descendants meets Misfits meets Black Flag meets a grunge-punk meld of wailing lead guitar and hypnotically catchy tunes.
Every song on the album was written between 1987 and 1991, yet sounds like it could have been written yesterday.
'the Outfit' formed in 1987, playing at just about every venue and with almost every Melbourne underground band before disbanding in 1991.
Digital downloads available at www.theoutfitpunk.bandcamp.com CDs on sale at gigs.
Like the Outfit’s page: https://www.facebook.com/theoutfitmelbourne