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Beat Radio

The Mae Collard Trio
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Aye Candy
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The Eighty 88s
Look To Me Look To You
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The Night Party
Get To You
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The D.Y.E
Spliff's Kitchen
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Lurch & Chief
Mother, Father
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Dona Li$a
Call The Police
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Orphan Tunes
Cash Dollars Dosh Doh
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Moon Dice
Cape Carnivorous
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The Twoks
First Light
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2nd Hand Space Cadet

Battle Axe Howlers
In May 2010, heavy rock jumped into a race striped booze injected muscle car and cruised across the stoner fueled desert with a mission of infusion, along the way picking up a couple of rough looking hitch hikers by the name of tight as fuck, and chunky riffage. They shot the shit, spat out stories n chugged on a few beers. At some point along the journey and emerging from their dusty V8 rooster tail was a 5 birth Battle Axe Howlers heavy rock, stoner riffed, tight as fuck chunking pack of hungry wolfs. Bound by a lustful appetite for drop D coated strings, Orange amped meat, thundering drumsticks and freight train vocal steaks, they’ve become a well fed rock n roll wolf pack. Since their birth they’ve managed to share the riffage with the likes of BUDD, Don Fernando, The Hard On’s, Mammoth Mammoth, Hytest and more. If they’re not up on stage firing off chunks of battle axe shrapnel, they're most likely at the pub tipping in a stubby supporting the local rock renegades of Melbourne.