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Yukon Blonde : Tiger Talk

Nothing is more reassuring in the oft-pretentious world of indie rock than acceptance. As a band, it begins with the acceptance of your influences. Shit, even if they are of the FM radio variety, a medium that’s long been thrown under the bus by the purveyors of cool. Or acceptance of your trajectory. No, a band does not have to accept their limitations, but an outward understanding of their path definitely lends a band a certain amount of street-cred.


Enter Yukon Blonde, a four piece from Vancouver, Canada who’ve evolved from their folky leanings into a harmony-heavy band of good-time buddies (and as the resident hoser of the Beat bunch, I need to state that this is one of the best band names out there). While their self-titled debut was a strong effort, Tiger Talk finds summer on the FM dial and locks it in for ten efficient tracks.


Yukon Blonde are considerably more amped on Tiger Talk, with the propulsive Sloan-esque Radio sounding quicker than anything on previous efforts. Lead single Stairway, blends punkish energy with a winding, sing-a-long chorus. It’s been placed on full rotation on triple j, and with good reason.


What’s exciting about this acceptance on the part of Yukon Blonde is how comfortable the band sounds in their new shoes. Oregon Shores is exactly the kind of beach-ready track one pines for as the sun sets, keen to soak up every last minute. Even the early ‘80s post-punk vibe of Breathing Tigers doesn’t feel forced in the slightest.


It’s been said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Perhaps Yukon Blonde felt it was necessary for them to throw a curveball. (They’re no strangers to change, once being called Alphababy. Ugh.) If that’s the case, then what follows the highly-listenable and immensely enjoyable Tiger Talk could be just as exciting.




Best Track: My Girl

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In A Word: Smiles