You just cant fault an Alex Cameron live show

It’s always a special evening when Alex Cameron and his squad of talented angels perform, and last week at The Croxton Bandroom was certainly no exception. 

Dreamy Cameron glared, dance moves infecting the crowd, and a hell of a lot of sax solos from Roy Malloy were in full triumph for a night to remember.

Body Type prepped the crowd with their lo-fi, funk-pop sounds. The power squad – all female and all style – laid down some hefty tracks, both old and new, while the crowd swayed along to the thumping bass drums. The drummer didn’t miss a beat. Together they enjoyed their set, sipping on red wine between tunes and assuring the crowd that Cameron was soon to come. 

And on ran Cameron, in a grey two-piece suit, with slicked hair, and entirely spirit-full. The band blessed us with their first track of the evening ‘Studmuffin96’ from their 2017 album Forced Witness. The clip was recently described as "a coming of age story about the bleakness of a fantasy realized”, and I suggest you all check it out. ‘Politics of Love’ was up next, which received a pleased response from the crowd, while Malloy sat contently on his stool, the band grooving around him.

The almighty Jack Ladder joined in casually in the background, although those that know him well – most of the crowd do as Ladder often tours with Cameron, currently touring together with The Killers – are drawn to his laid-back vibe.

‘Country Figs’ is recognised with an endearing keys solo, filling stomachs with butterflies in the process. My favourite track of Cameron’s ‘Happy Ending’ from his first album Jumping The Shark is fantastic live, as is ‘Real Bad Looking’, another widely-celebrated from that record.

When he performed ‘The Comeback’, fans got to see Cameron’s moves; crouches, swirls, turns and all. He then moves onto ‘Candy May’ and ‘Stranger’s Kiss’ where the gorgeous Holiday Sidewinder took Angel Olsen’s part, and absolutely killed it. I particularly enjoyed Roy’s belting sax solo here, which is always a treat.

The band blast ‘True Lies’, ‘Runnin’ Outta Luck’, ‘Politics of Love’ and ‘Marlon Brando’ for the second part of their show, before thanking the crowd, and running off stage. Although it wouldn’t really be a true Cameron show without ‘Taking Care of Business’, which he slipped into his encore beautifully.

Highlight: ‘Happy Ending’.
Mentions of straight, privileged white men which did elicit confusion among the crowd.
Crowd Favourite: ‘
Stranger’s Kiss’.