Tell us about Desire Path?It’s an album I made between November 2016 and April 2017. Five songs feature performances by friends. It’s about all of us, doing things our way instead of the way we’re expected to do them.

How has the way you make music changed over time? I’ve never collaborated this heavily before. Attention to detail is higher than ever. The other day I heard something interesting about how some artists try to forget everything they’ve learnt so they can sound as fresh as their debut. That could be the direction I’m heading in without knowing it.

What can we expect from a live Yeo set? High energy, live drums, weird visual projections and a ton of subwoofer abuse.

What’s your favourite part of making music? The making music part. I like being in front of my laptop and speakers with my instruments all around me way more than anything else in this world. Especially around 3am

Why is collaboration important? So you can grow creatively, and also so you can learn to play nice with others. Working as part of a team doesn’t come naturally, but when teams perform well, things can get really fun. 

Soundvision celebrates 50 years of La Trobe University. How would you celebrate your 50th birthday? I really can’t plan that far ahead. I’m guessing there’ll be whiskey, lots of deep-fried food and a killer lineup of DJs. At a beach house. Plus a jumping castle for the kids since all my friends will be around the same age.

Yeo will perform as part of Soundvision, taking place at La Trobe University on Saturday November 11. The event also features Remi, The Bombay Royale, The RAah Project, and more. Desire Path is out now.