Words Of Elizabeth are making sure we all support our local music scene

“Backing bands creates a synergy that’s really needed in the industry. Without that synergy, we’re relying on a very small funnel of artists.”

Don’t underestimate the importance of your local scene. Heading down and supporting local venues and local bands might just be where you discover your new favourite sound.

Local post-hardcore outfit Words Of Elizabeth will perform at the upcoming Groupie event at Orange Whip Nightclub. Dominating the punk room, they’ve been invited to help usher a more hardcore sound into the eastern suburbs.

Groupie has always been an eclectic mix of alternative and rock‘n’roll sounds, and with Words Of Elizabeth at the helm, it’s only going to get heavier.

“There’s not really that much heavy music out our way,” says Words Of Elizabeth vocalist Wade Symons. “You might get the occasional hardcore show but every band on the lineup is going to be exactly the same. What Groupie is doing is trying to provide to a broad taste of people, and the shows will be big because there will be something for everyone.”

When they perform as headliners in the hardcore/punk room at Groupie, Words Of Elizabeth will be revelling in the excess of energy from their recent support slot with Make Them Suffer. “It was an unreal concert, sold a lot of tickets,” Symons says. “We’re either really known or not known, kind of like the black sheep.

“We’re self-represented – no label, no booking agent – but there was a poll going on for that slot at Make Them Suffer and we won. It was a good show.”

Events like Groupie and the support local bands receive from the community are pivotal for their success and endurance. Words Of Elizabeth have so far benefited from such support, thanks to the fan voting system that won them their place with Make Them Suffer, but Symons knows there’s always more that can be done by venues, promoters, fans and the community to keep live music, well, alive. “It’s really important to get events like [Groupie], especially in clubs, especially venues that back their event,” he says. “We’re really lacking in that in Australia.

“All the good promoters, they’re only going to get bands that have made a name for themselves, they’re putting shows on then, but it’s not really developing the lower class or entry-level bands.

“Whereas nightclubs like Orange Whip are classic for this, a lot of huge names in the DJ industry have come out of Whip, promoted by the club – people go and become fans because it was a backed event. It’s about the show, the people that play at these venues. It puts a big headlight on everyone.”

Support and the right level of exposure for an up-and-coming band is clearly an area Symons is passionate about. “We do some shows and we get nothing. It’s just really loose, there’s not enough care and consideration put into the industry at the moment,” he says.

“Backing bands creates a synergy that’s really needed in the industry. Without that synergy, we’re relying on a very small funnel of artists that have stood out, or carbon copies of bands that are imitating people that are popular and did shows with bands that sound like them.

“We had Social On The Veranda play at Make Them Suffer – they did throwdown, they weren’t super hardcore or heavy but they were awesome. It’s good to see that variety.”

Variety, in Symons opinion, is key to pulling in bigger and more diverse crowds to smaller events, and at Groupie, Words Of Elizabeth will be sharing a stage with One More Weekend, a band they’ve performed with a few times. “Normally for the post-hardcore stuff we do and the more pop-punk stuff they do, you wouldn’t see that on lineups together, but the type of shows we do, they’ve got that good blend,” Symons says. “I think there needs to more of that, more of a little bit for everyone.”

Words Of Elizabeth will perform at Groupie, taking over Orange Whip Nightclub, Ringwood on Friday July 6.  They’ll be joined by Barefoot Spacemen, Squid Doctors, One More Weekend, Lemon Daze, In Deceptions, and more.