The Wombats : Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

If you haven’t listened to any sort of music by The Wombats at all, I would highly recommend you do so before you press play on their new release Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life.

The Wombats dish up a fusion of their previous three albums, plus something new with this record that is sure to excite their suitably hyped fans. It’s everything The Wombats have tried and released so far, yet more streamlined and more complex, beholding something that sounds slick and lovely from start to finish.

There isn’t actually a single song that is similar to any other, although upon closer inspection, they all start to shuffle and mingle into loose categories. There are energetic, body-moving songs that would go down a treat if played live such as ‘Lemon To A Knife Fight’, slow-walkers that serve to chill out whoever’s listening and put a smile on their face like ‘Lethal Combination’, and some absolute newcomers that add the always-needed example of their evolving sound, that you’ll just have to listen to for yourself.

Overall it’s a solid, well-received effort from the Britpop band that more than deserves the positive rep that they have.