Wolfgang and Powell Tillmans unite in stunning fashion on 'Spoken By The Other'

It's a fantastic collaboration.

Spoken By The Other is a fascinating six-track collection challenging what’s acceptable within the realm of popular music.  

‘Feel The Night’ is fractured without being jarring as the skittering glitch of experimental music is tempered by the soft enveloping tone created by the combination of Oscar Powell’s arrangements and Wolfgang Tillman’s deep yet ethereal vocals.

Before one racks their brain and Wikipedia to uncover what else Tillman has sung on, it must be noted that he is normally a visual artist, best known for his photography. Tillman’s best known work might be from the 1980s, documenting his German contemporaries tarred with the despicable brush of Nazi Germany.

Processing the glacial pace of ‘Document’ with this knowledge and an inquisitive ear, open to a sound and allegory that intent may contradict with the language. The song is driven by enormous beats that, despite being intentionally rounded out by their key and a phaser effect, contain an unintended pugnaciousness. This is matched by Tillman’s belligerent yet friendly delivery of the lyrics “My head is shaken up , I love you so much right, sweet now  make something soft, do it slow,” spinning  the song into a realm of genuine otherness.