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Winter Street

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Your name:



Your band's name:

Winter Street.


What's the deal with the band's name:

It's a street in Malvern off Glenferrie Road, we are yet to do a photo shoot underneath it but maybe we'll fit it in before winter ends.


Define your sound in five words or less:

Radiohead, Bloc Party, Broken Social Scene


Someone is walking past as you're playing, they get a beer and tell their friend about you... what do they say?

Hopefully they think we can play our instruments well and that we're good looking.


And how do they dance?

They listen carefully to the lyrics, go home and make dance moves up, come to the next gig and perform them.


How long have you been gigging and writing?

Members of the band have been writing and recording since high school. We've been gigging and recording seriously for around 2 or so years.


What's been your favourite gig you've played to date?

We played at Blue Print Festival, that was an experience! We are still owed money but we got to play to heaps of people so that was nice.


What inspires or has influenced your music the most?



Favourite piece of on-stage banter, or fan-related craziness?

As mentioned above our friends do actually make up dance moves to our lyrics and come and perform them. Any time other people get involved in that is pretty great.


What do you think a band has to do these days to succeed?

Just really enjoy playing live and not take the industry to seriously or have heaps of money. Or maybe you should take the industry seriously? Really don't know.


Do you have any releases to date? What? Where can I get it? Is it good?

We are launching our next single A Little More on the Friday August 19 at The Builders Arms. You can download it for free from triple j Unearthed.


Why should everyone come and see you?

'Cause we have some great bands playing at the launch (Wilfred Jackal, The Rafaellas) and The Builders is a really nice place. Also we might practice twice before the gig so that'll be worth seeing.


When and where are you playing next?

The Builders Arms on Friday August 19 and then Miss Libertines on Thursday August 25.