Why Australia is one of the top five EDM destinations in the world

Australia is slowly forging itself a reputation in the EDM scene.

When 400 delegates gathered from around the world to listen to 95 speakers at the Electronic Music Conference in Sydney, there were many positive aspects discussed about the US$7.1 billion global EDM industry. Sasha noted the continued appeal of the genre, saying, “[What’s] so exciting is it’s always churning out a new format, a new way to look at it.” The dividing effects of mainstream appeal and social media was also discussed, as well as there being more acknowledgement of inclusivity and mental well being.
Also exciting was the global buzz around Australian EDM acts. International trendsetters Sasha and Gilles Peterson confirmed that the world is looking, because the country has a reputation for being enthusiastic and inventive. Peterson called Australia “one of the most important leaders in electronic music” and went on to say Melbourne is one of EDM’s “five most exciting cities” and that he always takes a special listen if he knows a new record is from Melbourne. Charlotte Lucy Cijffers, digital editor at UK’s DJ Mag on her first visit to the conference revealed, “I’ve been really blown away by everyone’s passion and excitement in the industry here. I’ve loved the showcases.” In total, 6000 people went out to see 80 acts showcase.
The Aussies agreed: Sydney DJ and FBi broadcaster Simon Caldwell said that “people definitely see Australia as a breeding ground for a lot of interesting electronic music, for sure.” As a result, many panels offered tips on how to approach overseas audiences. “You have to chip at it, bit by bit until it catches fire,” suggested Toni Tambourine of UK’s PR Neighbourhood whose clients include David Guetta and Tricky. “Do the unexpected and stay in front of the audience,” said super-manager John Watson. Jane Slingo, (AKA Set Mo’s manager) pointed out, “If your artist is friendly, and personable, like the Set Mo guys are, leverage this in your marketing and PR, to build relationships – people will want to work with them.” MTV presenter Flex Mami also delivered an image styling intensive.
Slingo, also a producer of the EMC conference, noted, “Already there are some incredible international opportunities for some of the artists that participated in EMC and EMCPLAY. We’re incredibly excited to see these artists signing to agencies overseas and look forward to seeing some of them on tours and festivals in exciting new markets in 2019.”
Also discussed was the opportunities in the Asian market. They’re nearer and cheaper to get to, 60% of music fans in the Asia Pacific consider themselves raveheads, their festivals are larger, and they’re easier to do business with because they’re in the same time zone as Australia. Collaborating with Asian artists is a sure-fire way to get a buzz going. Bali is increasingly regarded as the “Ibiza of the Asia Pacific,” Ben Tucker promoter of For The Love warned, “If you show you’re going to add value to the economy, and you’re not just there to cash in, you get treated with respect.”