White Fence's 'I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk' is fixed upon a piano and introspective lyrical drive

I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk comes after recent records with Ty Segall and Cate Le Bon.

Across eight studio albums, Tim Presley’s White Fence project has rarely fixed upon a mood, much less an instrumental constant. Presley’s latest effort, I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk changes that, compositionally centring around a new introspective lyrical drive and the piano, an instrument he only has cursory knowledge of.

Presley uses the piano to match the insularity of his words, though the lo-fi recording strips its resonance to an icy sparsity. Tracks like ‘I Can See You’ however, have a detached, almost alien vocal tone (“I can trust you, I can launder your money sometime”).

‘I Saw Snow Today’ is the best twee medium found between all of Presley’s creative instincts on IHTFLH – plodding off a gleefully crude drum machine, a muted synth line and lethargic slide guitar. 

The near hour-long record is heavily weighted to the 18-minute, two-part ambient suite ‘Harm Reduction’ that closes it. The dual parts are constructed upon a woozy synth arpeggio, rising with a clear-eyed hypnotic focus – like a lighter excerpt from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ hard-edged soundtrack work.