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Wheatus Tour Announcement Imminent

Joining their current barrage of late '90s/early '00s acts coming to town (S Club, Eiffel 65 and N-Trance to name a few) Big Apachee Tours have created a Facebook page, suggesting a tour from New York rock group Wheatus, who rose to a fleeting moment of fame with their 2000 single Teenage Dirtbag.

Though it only made it to number two on the US charts, Teenage Dirtbag was number on the Australian charts for four weeks as well as being the second highest selling single of that year.
While front man Brendan B. Brown is the only original member from the Teenage Dirtbag era, the continually-rotating band have since released a string of albums and EPs over the last 12 years.

Though there are no official dates or venues released for the tour, information will be released through Big Apachee's Facebook page for the impending tour.